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The 1950s, Italy, a Tuscan tailor shop: these are the elements that gave birth to the Mason's brand.

The Martini family has a long sartorial tradition in its history, which starts in the laboratory of grandfather Vilmo in Carrara, esteemed creator of models in that area of ​​Italy between Liguria and Tuscany, where land and sea merge, creating panoramas with unique views .

MASON'S was born in 1974, inspired by a trip to South America experienced  by the founder Giorgio Martini, and from a series of garments that belonged to the soldiers of the Colombian liberation army. These are the ingredients that gave birth to the first clothes of the first collection. At the heart of the stylistic research of the Martini family yesterday as today, the development of a resistant and essential wardrobe.

Over the years the brand has evolved, thanks to the contribution of the brothers Nicola, Vilmo and Giuseppe Martini, creating a product that is the result of research and innovation, without ever abandoning its tradition, and above all continuing to believe in its origins. Some fabrics are and will remain in Mason’s DNA, a reference point in each sample collection, alongside other more avant-garde products, the product of continuous research.

Mason's style combines stylistic refinement with functional rigor: dressing Mason's means assimilating a tailoring code that winks at the most precious Italian manufacturing tradition, but which at the same time appropriates modern technologies to create innovative products.

Mason’s strengths are: the continuous research done by the style office team, the experimentation on materials and treatments and the passion of all those who contribute to the creation of a product.

Today the Mason's brand is distributed in the best multi-brand boutiques and department stores in Italy and worldwide, appreciated by several Hollywood actors.

The goal of the Martini family for the future is to combine tailoring, contemporary design and research on materials, for aesthetics in function for "democratic" clothing.