Garden Camo - Mason's Forte dei Marmi | USA

Garden Camo


    Garden Camo: camou and floral prints on shirts and pants

    Garden Camo is that part of the collection which is presented by both the camouflage print and a whole series of floral prints: these patterns appear either individually or superposed, defining and reinforcing the Mason's spirit season after season. The fabrics are intangible, precious and the lightest possible: viscose for the supple fit shirt with military details available either in single colors or in prints, the tencel and cotton for the most colorful bermudas and the capri fit pants, are must haves for the summertime. The pants designed in curvie and carrot fits under the sign of comfort and softness and to complete the look there is the military parka jacket decorated with studs which is the undeniable master key from spring to fall.