Athleisure - Mason's Forte dei Marmi | USA


Men's pants carrot fit of stretchy sweatshirt fleece

Athleisure is the new and breakthrough trend that establishes the union of sportswear and formal wear in the name of a life style where dynamism and being at ease go hand in hand with glamour. Athleisure men's pants are created of soft and comfortable stretchy sweatshirt fleece that is very convenient for carrot fit pants, a mini collection within the collection, consisting of three models designed in this extraordinary fabric. Starting from the Osaka model, a carrot fit chino with shorter crotch, to get to the Chile model, which is the best-selling cargo of Mason's but with low crotch design. Among everything else, these clothes are designed with a drawstring or buckle belt exactly to mark this turning point and the union of urban pants and sportswear.