Zoo Pop - Mason's Forte dei Marmi | USA

Zoo Pop


    Fluo colors and animal prints on shirts and pants

    Zoo Pop is an explosion of fluo colors and accessories designed in animal print and jungle fancy. There is nothing more sparkling and glamourous than the zoo pop line to face up to a long summer. Tencel and viscose are the must have fabrics: light, precious and natural, turning into a great trend when applied in the shades of yellow with animalier print, in the trumpet fit pants and in the intangible brilliant pink sleeveless shirt with serpentine print. The all over jungle print on both the short dresses and the lounge fit cargo pants will transport you immediately to a glamourous and exotic mood, hence giving the idea that vacation is waiting just behind the corner. The whole zoo pop line with its colors and fancy prints can be matched with the military green items to create outfits, which cannot go unnoticed.